Project Planning

Essential Project Planning

A little effort in producing an agreed project plan pays enormous dividends later in a project. We;ll show your project managers how to produce a plan that will form a rock-solid foundation for the project.


A systematic approach to the production of a project plan will help to ensure that all the expected costs, dependencies and known risks of a project are taken into account at the outset. This will help to ensure that the business is aware of the realistic expected costs and timescales of a project, particularly the loading of the 'costs' side of the project's business case.

This two day course is designed for all project and programme staff who need to understand and deploy an effective, repeatable planning process. At the end of the course, attendees will be able to apply the process, tools and techniques to any project. The course is not vendor-specific, thus the disciplines learned will be applicable to any tool environment, for example usage of MS Project or other planning tools. The course can be biased towards either a PRINCE2 approach to project management, or to a PMI approach, and can be tailored to meet the specific objectives of the organisation.

At the end of the workshop delegates will be able to apply a proven and effective process to the planning and estimating of projects. They will understand the techniques in detail and be able to apply these techniques to any toolset environment. Delegates will be able to use these plans effectively in monitoring and controlling of the project's activities, cost collection and progress reporting.

Summary of Course

A two-day workshop covering production of a project plan from first principles to performance measurement baseline, for delivery as a practical workshop covering a live project, or as a case-study based workshop.

Who is the Course for?

This workshop is designed for project managers, planners and project staff who are currently or about to be engaged in the planning of a project, and who require a proven, consistent and repeatable planning process.

Course Outline

Using a teach-then-do approach, the project team will learn how to apply a structured and consistent approach to planning. The workshop will cover:

  •     Project Scope Definition and production of a deliverable-oriented Work Breakdown Structure
  •     Development of an Activity Network, and analysis of the network to identify the Critical Path and inherent risks
  •     Three-point estimating to facilitate schedule risk analysis Monte-Carlo simulation and PERT analysis of the network
  •     Development and resourcing of the Project Schedule Development of the performance baseline

On completion of the workshop, delegates will be able to produce a project plan in which

  •     Scope is adequately defined
  •     Critical activities are identified Schedule risk is quantified and understood
  •     The performance measurement baseline is a true reflection of scope.

This workshop is designed for in-house delivery. The basic two-day workshop includes practical work using a fictional case study, which allows for delivery in two days. Alternatively, the same planning processes can be taught in a facilitated workshop using a live project which has a current planning need. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirement.

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