Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management

Reaping the benefits of an Earned Value Management approach to control, measurement and management reporting of projects isn't difficult - just spend some time with an expert to help you onto the right track. You won't look back!

This one day workshop covers the fundamentals of Earned Value Analysis, enabling Project and Programme Managers to plan in a way that supports the method, to measure progress and report against cost and schedule baselines, and to make objective and justifiable predictions of cost and schedule outcome.


This workshop is designed for all staff who are involved in the collection, measurement, reporting and interpretation of project progress metrics.


The measurement and reporting of project progress is notoriously difficult. In the absence of a consistently applied methodology for planning and reporting, each project or programme manager is likely to adopt a different approach to the reporting of progress. Often, these reports are guesswork, based on subjective, frequently optimistic estimates from the project team. The cumulative effect of this guesswork across many projects can lead to gross under or over estimates of the actual situation of the business as a whole, with disastrous eventual effects on cash flow and budget forecasts.
Thus the benefits of adopting an Earned Value approach to progress measurement can be seen at many levels:

  • For the project and programme managers, a justifiable and objective approach to reporting of progress
  • For the management accountants and budget holders, a realistic approach to evaluation of progress and cash flows
  • For the business, confidence in the contribution to effective internal controls of the project progress evaluation processes.


During the workshop, delegates will be learn to:

  • Produce a cost and schedule baseline
  • Measure Earned Value against the cost and schedule baseline
  • Report cost and schedule variances, and understand the relationship between the variances reported
  • Make objective predictions about future cost and schedule performanceReport objectively to management on the progress of the project or programme.


This workshop is designed for in-house delivery, using either fictional case study materials as the basis for training.
Alternatively, live cost, schedule and progress data from an existing in-house project can be used so as to combine training with achievement of specific objectives to measure and report effectively on a current project.

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