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Important News for PRINCE2® Registered Practitioners


Currently, all PRINCE2® Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 calendar years of their original certification. The rules for PRINCE2® Practitioner Re-Registration will change this year, reducing the registration period from 5 years to 3. If you're a Registered Practitioner and you want to get the maximum benefit from the existing rules, you can do your re-registration exam now.


Our PRINCE2® Re-registration eLearning and Examination Package is just £250 + vat, with an online exam at a time and place to suit you. Just click here and you can be accessing the elearning with minutes.

What our delegates say

We ask all our delegates what they think of our courses, and to give us tips to get even better. This is a selection of their comments. We also ask them to send a message to you - our future delegates, so here they are as well....

Some comments from delegates on Project Performance Consulting PRINCE2 courses. All comments can be seen on request in their original form - we don't make them up!

Comments about the Course

Advice from this delegate to future delegates

Fantastic! Probably one of the best trainers I've seen, and I've seen many! Didn't embarass anyone, was encouraging and very accommodating. Didn't mind "stupid" questions.
Excellent. Cannot flaw. Good outfit. money well invested.
Brilliant Work hard beforehand, book early!
Excellent. Structured, well paced, good use of exercises. Enjoyed it far more than expected! Do the prep before the course!
Very professional, but with lots of humour injected. Real life examples used of simplified situations which really helped my understanding of the methods and frameworks. Allow time to prepare each night - at least two hours!
[The trainer] knows what he is talking about (not always the case on training)
Very professionally run, no faults whatsoever.
Excellent course - very well run Trust me - the trainer was very, very good. All of us enjoyed working with him, his expertise was evident and his teaching style was superb.
Very targeted - made easy to follow through good explanations and examples. Do the computer baseed training before you start the course - it really lowers the learning curve.
Excellent. Do the suggested recommended reading.
Do the prep work. Don't organise anything for the eevenings. be prepared to work hard.
Preparation will help.
Although intense, the instructor ensured that all topices were covered in an understandable format. Preparation is important.
Recommended. Excellent experience - well managed run course. I think it should be advisable to be a residential course so stay in hotel - keeps you focused!
Steve is great.
Great course. Hard work but enjoyable. If you do the required prep work and reading you're well on the way. If you don't, you'll struggle.
Was well impressed! I would recommend people do this course.
Superb delivery and extremely knowledgeable instructor. Well structured with good timing. Great course - hard work but worth it.
I found that when dealing with any member of Project Performance, I received a high quality. I never not received a response and I was always kept informed.
Absolutely excellent! Steve pesented the course thoroughly and efficiently. Plenty of pre-course study - althouhg not to worry too much as all becomes clear - eventually!
Gary was a good an enthusiastic trainer. Course preparation is important.
Good course / well paced
Very well run indeed. Read and study the course manual well in advance of attending - then read it again.
Very good. Structured, clear, visualise, interactive, easy to remember. Questions have been answered nicely. It's a very good course. Sure to recommend!
Very efficient well run - not easy to run a week long course as one person. Steve Marks was excellent throughout. Excellent course, enjoyable learning experience and a good venue in Bournemouth.

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