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Important News for PRINCE2® Registered Practitioners


Currently, all PRINCE2® Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 calendar years of their original certification. The rules for PRINCE2® Practitioner Re-Registration will change this year, reducing the registration period from 5 years to 3. If you're a Registered Practitioner and you want to get the maximum benefit from the existing rules, you can do your re-registration exam now.


Our PRINCE2® Re-registration eLearning and Examination Package is just £250 + vat, with an online exam at a time and place to suit you. Just click here and you can be accessing the elearning with minutes.

About our PRINCE2 Classroom Training

We are leading and innovative providers of open, in-house training, e-learning and instructor-led online courses in PRINCE2®.

For those who wish to qualify to Foundation level, the non-residential Day Delegate Foundation course option offers the most economical route to an internationally recognised qualification. This 3-day PRINCE2 Training course can be enhanced by choosing to stay at the venue hotel with the Residential option. This is a great way to stay focused on the subject, whilst at the same time making new friends with a common interest from many different industries and sectors.
Our Registered Practitioner course extends the Foundation course by a further two days to include thorough preparation for the Practitioner examination. Our methods work, as demonstrated in our consistently better-than-average pass rates in the Practitioner examination.
All our instructor led course options include our accredited PRINCE2 CBT e-Learning material completely free to enable you to get the most from your course preparation.
All our delegates are told the name of their instructor at the time of booking, and provided with a phone number to call the trainer at any time prior to the course with any questions about PRINCE2 or their course preparation. Apart from the obvious benefit to you, the delegate on one of our courses, consider what this means. It indicates that we don't simply go out into the market and book the least expensive trainers available for your course. We know who our trainers are, and they are the best.

There are two course options ...

Attend one of our open courses


Arrange an in-house course for your staff.

Both options will provide unlimited access to the same APMG accredited course material and all future updates.

If you would like to attend an open course...

Read about our Foundation or combined Foundation+Practitioner courses, then choose the course you would like to attend from our course catalogue.

If you would like to set up an in-house course...

Please contact us by clicking here, and we will get in touch to discuss the options and our prices.

In either option...

You can choose either the Foundation or the combined Foundation+Practitioner package. Click on a link for further information about the courses.


The UK Government PRINCE2 method is internationally accepted as the leading "best practice" project management approach and is gaining momentum within local government and the private sector, as well as being the recognised standard for central government and the NHS. Leading private sector companies have already introduced PRINCE2 training world-wide and Project Performance Consultants have delivered courses for some of our best known companies around the world.


PRINCE2 is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scaleable method for the management of all types of projects. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced worldwide.

PRINCE2 is what might be called an 'organisational' level project management methodology. Many projects go wrong because the managing organisation hasn't really got its act together in terms of managing the project environment. Project Management isn't just the project manager's job - it's the job, and the responsibility of everyone in the chain of command.

PRINCE2 describes a project as a 'management environment', and models the way this environment should be set up. The method is based on a process model setting out the various management activities required to initiate, execute and close down a project effectively, and defines the route through this model via points of control exercised by roles with the right accountability, authority and responsibility.


The PRINCE2 process model is supplemented by seven 'disciplines' of project management (known in PRINCE2 as themes) dealing with some of the fundamentals of the management environment such as quality, risk, maintenance of the business case and change control.

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