Important News for PRINCE2® Registered Practitioners


Currently, all PRINCE2® Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 calendar years of their original certification. The rules for PRINCE2® Practitioner Re-Registration will change this year, reducing the registration period from 5 years to 3. If you're a Registered Practitioner and you want to get the maximum benefit from the existing rules, you can do your re-registration exam now.


Our PRINCE2® Re-registration eLearning and Examination Package is just £250 + vat, with an online exam at a time and place to suit you. Just click here and you can be accessing the elearning with minutes.

Why PRINCE2® and PMBoK?


Over 1 MILLION PRINCE2 exams have been sat in over 150 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE, making it THE WORLD NUMBER ONE FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT. PRINCE2 provides a STRUCTURED PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHOD that guides both individuals and organizations through the essentials of running a successful project, regardless of type, industry or scale.


If you are a PMI PMP certificate holder, it's easy to add PRINCE2 to your personal skills portfolio and enhance your personal career prospects. How easy? An instant-access signup to accredited web-based PRINCE2 eLearning at Foundation and Practitioner level, with online exams which can be taken anyplace, anytime on the web. That's easy. Just click on one of these options.



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So is it worth doing? If you're involved in Project Management, it's starting to look essential. Take a look at these numbers:

In an AXELOS survey

    • 86% of PMP cert. holders said PRINCE2 was valuable to their career
    • 82% of PMP cert. holders said PRINCE2 was valuable to their current role
    • PRINCE2 exams are regularly sat sat in 150 different countries and in 21 different languages


PRINCE2 is used by the UNITED NATIONS and NATO as well as corporates such as VODAFONE and VISA.

SPEAK THE GLOBAL LANGUAGE – Whilst PMP is the leader in the US market, PRINCE2 is the global language of project management
NATURALLY COMPLIMENTARY – PRINCE2 is the how, who and when to PMBoKs what and why!
FOCUS ON QUALITY – Both approach the nature of quality in different ways, but when combined offer great value to customers
GOOD PRACTICES FROM THE START – Before you can sit the PMP you must have at least 4500 hours of experience (with Bachelor’s Degree). Take PRINCE2 from the outset to ensure strong foundations from the start
SAVE TIME – PMP certificate-holders have to spend time transforming the PMBOK knowledge into specific actions - PRINCE2 already does this for them.


Q: Why have I never heard of PRINCE2?
A: PRINCE2 is currently not well known in the US, but over 1 million exams have been sat worldwide since its creation. It is a best practice project management methodology OWNED BY THE CUSTODIANS OF ITIL®. It has also been used to manage US Federal Government projects.

Q: Do I receive any recognition for being a PMP?
A: Yes! Certified PMPs CAN JUMP STRAIGHT TO PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER (skipping the Foundation level). This is because we understand and appreciate that PMP holders are experienced individuals for which the Foundation level may not be appropriate.

Q: Isn’t PRINCE2 the European version of the PMBoK?
A: No, instead PRINCE2 WILL COMPLEMENT YOUR KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED FROM PMBOK. PMI’s PMBoK Guide is an encyclopaedia of project management knowledge which includes all the skills and tools you need to manage a project. PRINCE2 helps you apply this knowledge with clear start-to-finish methodology for project managers to use, across any industry for projects of any size.

Q: Isn’t PRINCE2 a rigid waterfall approach to project management?
A: NO, and just to emphasise the fallacy of this common misconception, NO. Far from it. PRINCE2 SHOULD BE TAILORED to meet the requirements of the organization and type of project.

Q: Can you use PRINCE2 in an agile way?
A: Absolutely. PRINCE2 IS FLEXIBLE; it should be used in whichever way your organization operates. You can learn how to master this through PRINCE2 Agile – our single-tier certification which combines the governance of PRINCE2 with the flexibility and iterative nature of agile.

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