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Projects are the foundation of competitive advantage, and your business depends on its ability to transform investments into benefits through skilled and competent project management.


The goal of Project Performance Consulting Ltd is to improve the quality of project management within your organisation, to increase the probability of successful project outcomes and to increase the maturity level of your project capability. Projects fail or succeed due to many factors -

  • the effectiveness of the project staff - what they know, and more importantly what they do on the job
  • the quality of the project management environment - the ability of the organisation to facilitate a successful project outcome
  • the consistency, repeatability and improvability of project processes and procedures, sometimes described as organisational maturity
  • effective management of the links between strategy, business change programmes and projects

Through its training and consulting services, Project Performance Consulting Ltd can help to maximise the benefits of your investments in projects by helping project managers and teams to apply best practice to the live project environment.

Whether you want formal qualifications for your staff, or to concentrate on tools and techniques that will bring immediate benefits in the workplace, Project Performance Consulting has the appropriate level of project management training for you. And since our project management training is designed to raise the technical project management skills of your staff, you'll benefit from an overall improvement in the business performance of projects over time, and an increasing project management capability in your organisation. Quite simply, you'll get better Project Managers and benefit where it matters most - on the bottom line.

Project Performance Consulting can provide in-house project management training at any location, modifying our standard courses as necessary. We are able to establish a programme of customised Project Management courses meeting the businesses requirements and fitting with existing practices. Our strengths include:

  • Practical, intensive, and relevant consultant-led training borne out by our track record of superb organisational and individual feedback. Organisations must see training make a genuine positive difference to performance. Attendees can't learn unless courses are challenging, relevant and enjoyable.
  • Superb, in-depth courses. The consultants developing courses for Project Performance Consulting Limited are leading practitioners in their fields with proven track records of delivery. Courses are rigorously reviewed to ensure course content communicates simply and effectively, capturing all the key aspects of any topic under consideration. We repeatedly hear that courses we provide go further than equivalent training courses elsewhere in establishing not only awareness but also the ability to apply the skills in the job.
  • Excellent lecturers, Project Performance Consulting Limited do not use full-time trainers but instead use practicing programme and project managers able to contribute a range of industry based experiences as well as an unrivalled knowledge of the subject matter. All our Consultants are accredited or certified by the Association for Project Management, the Project Management Institute, and PeopleCert for PRINCE2, Management of Risk and Managing Successful Programmes.
  • Customisation capability. Our consultative background and course development expertise enable us to rapidly introduce tailored content, examples and case studies into materials and orient material towards the values of a particular market sector. Our core business is customised onsite project management training for corporate clients.
  • Active learning philosophy. People learn by doing. They retain less than 5% of what is taught to them in a solely lecture-based format. Active learning puts the responsibility of organising what is to be learned in the hands of the learners themselves, and lends itself to a more diverse range of learning styles. We practice an active learning based, case study driven, and problem solving approach on all our courses.
  • Consultancy track record. Should you desire it, Project Performance Consulting Limited consultants can come in alongside you into your business and help you to develop your capabilities to meet your specific objectives including project reviews, benchmarking, competency frameworks, intervention in distressed projects, organisational structures, and establishing processes and metrics.

This custom offering is based around customising the Project Performance Consulting Limited well-proven and successful course Project Management: Delivering Success. The goals are to provide an overview framework for project delivery and then to provide focused means to improve practice in key areas of the project management discipline.

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